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Jankel Adler died on April 25, 1949 at the age of 53 years in Whitley Cottage in Castle Street, Aldbourne, which is still there today.
Grave of Jankel Adler is in the Jewish Cemetery,Bushy Road in London

Grave of Jankel Adler - Bushy Road in London

Friday 29 April 1949
Aldbourne News

"On Monday afternoon many villagers heard with regret of the almost sudden death of Mr.Jankel Adler. Although his stay in the village had been brief, he had endeared himself to quite a few who came to know him personally, and were impressed by his genial disposition and the calm, reflective and gentle character of his personality. He was an artist of some standing, having examples of his work hung in the Art Galleries of London, Paris, Brussels and America. Of Polish descent, he served in the war. The funeral will take place on Thursday in the Jewish Cemetery, Bushy Road, London. His Aldbourne friends will be represented by Mr. Brennan and Mr. J. Morris".

Whitley Cottage - in this house the last time lived and dead Jankel Adler

Whitley Cottage in Castle Street, Aldbourne

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