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Leaves are a good food source for Canna Leafroller (Calpodes ethlius) and feeding can make the plants unattractive. These insects may occur in the northern states but are killed by severe winter weather. The larvae of the large canna leaf roller cuts a section out of the margin of the leaf and rolls it over and lives within while it feeds. Later holes are eaten in the leaf. The larva is green with an orange head and transforms to a brownish butterfly. The lesser canna leaf roller has similar habits in addition to tying the young leaves together before they open.

How to fight with leafroller?

There are many chemicals available. My friends from Canna Horn have found best results with Orthene. They use it as a general insecticide to take care of any pests. More informations

The text taken by The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

The picture taken by Texas Forest Service
Picture - Caus Canna Collection
Picture - Caus Canna Collection

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