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Orthene T&O 97% WP

Orthene Turf, Tree & Ornamental Spray works in two ways, killing insects on contact and then penetrating plant tissue for continuing local systemic control. Because most of the Orthene is absorbed by plant tissue within 24 hours, rain can't stop its action. Orthene's low oral and dermal toxicity, low vapor pressure and volatility means that it can be applied without a mask. Not only is Orthene's toxicity to people and pets relatively low, it poses little hazard to birds, fish and wildlife when applied at labeled rates, although it is highly toxic to bees directly exposed to the spray. And Orthene is biodegradable, so it won't build up in the soil or accumulate in the natural food chain. Good insect control can be achievied with rates as low as 1/4 lb. per 100 gallons of water. That helps keep cost down and keeps to a minimum the amount of chemical released into the environment. - The place to find professional garden care products for the world's favorite flower
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