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  • Height: to 3 ft.
  • Flower color: pink
  • Foliage color: dark reddish black with a smokey gray cast.
  • Comment: This medium sized Canna grows to only 3 feet tall but it makes a dramatice statement in the garden. The short broad leaves are dark reddish black with a smokey gray cast and provide a beautiful foil for the flared open pink flowers. One of our favorite Canna lilies. We received this outstanding plant from Herb Kelly. It was given to him as 'Zulu Pink'but we have never found this name listed in any references. The Zulu series was a group of Canna raised by Mrs Sheppard of Texas. Most likely this plant is the same as what is now listed as 'Zulu Princess' in Ian Cooke's new book Cannas although he lists this plant as a tall plant where as 'Zulu Pink' has remained under 3 feet for us.
  • The picture taken by: San Marcos Growers - USA
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