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I've been fascinated by cannas (Canna generalis) for more then decade now. This site is dedicated to my hobby as culturing, reproduction and fighting with their diseases and parasites I would like this site becomes a compendium of knowledge for beginners, who have already felt in love with these beautiful flowers but do not know how to meet their needs.

This site was created mostly for Polish fans of these miraculous flowers. However, as its author I've decided to make an English version of the page as well. Especially the contacts with American and British potentates in the field of the cannas reproduction were the reason for designing English version of the site. Because of these contacts an establishment of The World Wide Gallery of Cannas has become possible. The Gallery contains descriptions and photos of more than 180 the most popular in the world variants of cannas. The search system is based on couple of categories - you can use the color of flowers or leaves, the size of the plant or the name in alphabetical order. Many variants of cannas are called different names in different parts of the globe, so I've tried to put all the names used for particular variant in the alphabetic list of cannas. It's important to mention that in particular conditions of growth the size and colors of cannas may be very different from these presented on the photos collected in the Gallery.
If you would like to find any cannas click here

In the case of detailed questions concerning growth conditions of particular variants of cannas, please be so kind to contact the specialized firms, that web addresses are listed in favorite links site. My limited English doesn't allow me to serve as an expert for foreign lovers of cannas. But because of this site my English is improving that gives mi some satisfaction as well.

At the end I would like to say thanks to all the firms listed above for their excellent help during the construction of this site.
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